Great News!

Epic MegaGrant Recipient

We’re thrilled to announce that our UEFN Creator School has received an Epic MegaGrant!

The MegaGrant will empower us to expand our community learning resources for UEFN. We’re now making our basic membership FREE for everyone. Access hours of tutorial videos now so you can become part of the Fortnite Creator ecosystem.

Start Learning Today


Our UEFN Creator School is growing steadily to include all aspects of UEFN for creators that are ready to stand out from the crowd.

Expert instructors

We are game developers and educators, so we teach the craft that we have been honing for years.


We have been working for Epic to educate hundreds of teachers on bringing Interactive 3D into the classroom.

Material you'll love

We have produced engaging Fortnite Creative and Unreal Engine projects for Epic Games for several years in a row.

Reach Your Goals

We're here to help. Join us to learn everything you need to be successful as a Fortnite/UEFN creator.

Free Content

Thanks to receiving an Epic MegaGrant, we decide to make much of the learning content FREE for everyone.